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When you have a challenging contracting project that needs expediting, look no further than Advantage Dirt Contractors. We are one of the Northwest’s leaders in full-service contracting. We innovate. We deliver. Our goal and mission is simple; safety first, quality second, production third. We believe that if you execute the first two properly and efficiently, the third will follow suit.

Mass Excavation

We are experts in land leveling and site grading in all types of soil conditions.


We have the crews and equipment to prepare any job site from the original to finished grade.

Grading & Paving

We apply the best strategy for proper design and implementation.

Private and public

We grade and pave parking lots, prepare sites for new mass living units and install infrastructure for new and existing subdivisions.

Site Preperation

No matter the structure being built, we are able to handle site peraration from start to finish.

Plat Development

We not only have extensive experience in constructing plats but we do it in the most timely and cost-effective way possible.

Underground Utilities

Using superior, well-maintained equipment operated by highly trained, and reliable staff.

Infrastructure improvements

We work closely with our clients to plan, develop and install infrastructure for large and small jobs alike.


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As an industry leader in site preparation, excavation, mass earthwork, data center construction, and underground utility installation, Advantage Dirt transforms quality aggregates and materials into exceptional completed projects combining design, function, and durability to stand the test of time.

Our Core Values

We are committed to our clients vision and focus on safety, quality, and production.

Our Clients Say

“We appreciate working with the Advantage Dirt team because they have made us better at what it is we do for our critical facilities customers. They have done this by sharing their knowledge, bringing the right attitude, and being there for us when we need them. We look forward to more successful projects with Brian and the team.”

Eric Shell • Program Manager, Veca Electric & Technologies

“Advantage was a very professional group to work with. They met every timeline put in front of them without hesitation. They exceeded expectations which led to them being one of the best dirt contractors I have worked with.”

Rob Johnson • Project Superintendent, Apollo Mechanical Contractors

“I have been associated with Advantage Dirt contracting for two consecutive projects spanning the last three years.  One thing that makes Advantage stand out is their willingness to work as a team with professional attitudes. Advantage understands that project success is just as important as individual success.”

John Pedergrass • Project Superintendent, Veca Electric & Technologies

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As your contractor of choice, we pledge to deliver premium service, create a product of the highest quality and earn your trust and respect. Stop putting off that project…we are currently accepting new jobs.

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